Scéna Restaurant and Cafe


This restaurant is about 8 minutes from the lower right corner of the Velké náměstí in Tovačovského Street. Its airy and modern interior is combined with modern cuisine run by experienced chefs. The food here is cooked in the French Sous vide style, i.e. cooked in a vacuum sealed bag at low temperatures. This method is more time demanding, so you can expect to wait a bit longer. In addition to dishes with meat, they also offer high-quality pasta. Part of the restaurant is a garden that is cut off from the street. You don’t have to come here just for good food, in the adjacent bar there are two lanes for bowling.

Meals range from CZK 100 - 250, beefsteak CZK 350, beer 0.5 l - CZK 30, wine 0.7 l from CZK 200


Tovačovského 2828

Kontaktní informace:

Telefon: +420 604 419 02


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