turisticky-pruvodce-litomyslA settlement grew in what is now Litomyšl along with the growing importance of the trade routes. An important milestone in the development of the town was the arrival of the Premonstratensians in the 12th century who founded a monastery where the chateau now stands. But the unsettled times of the religious wars in the 15th century took its toll. After the order departed, the monastery was converted into a mansion. Today it is the most important Renaissance monument in the country and the town itself is popular with tourists, who come here in their thousands every year. You can start your tour of the town on Smetanovo náměstí, where you’ll find plenty of shops, bakeries or cafes in the surrounding arcades. Crossing the neighbouring Toulovcovo Square you’ll reach the streets of the historic centre, where you will find cafes, restaurants, gift shops or galleries. The recent development of modern architecture and the infrastructure of various services provides an excellent background for spending active leisure time.


From Prague to Litomyšl it takes 2 hours by car, fromHradec Králové it takes 1 hour. Litomyšl is not on any major rail line, therefore most train journeys require a change. It is easy to get to the centre by car and you can park right in the town centre on Smetanovo náměstí.



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