It is the second largest South Bohemian city with a glorious past and a number of architectural monuments and natural wonders. It is inextricably associated with the Hussite movement and its main movers, in particular Jan Žižka from Trocnov. A castle and the town of Hradiště were built on the site of the ancient settlement in the 13th century. The Hussites, followers of Jan Hus’s teachings, the great reformer of the Catholic Church, took advantage of the city’s strategic position and founded a military city here in 1420. It was from here that they led their victorious campaigns under the direction of Tábor’s governors. Thanks to its convenient location, surrounded by the river Lužnice and rocky precipices, and the fortifications, the town was famous for being an impregnable fortress. After the defeat of the Hussites at the Battle of Lipany the Taborites made peace with Emperor Sigismond and in 1437 was elevated to a Royal City.

Over the centuries, the city has undergone many structural changes, but its medieval nature remains to this day. Thanks to the system of development and the number of preserved monuments the city’s historical core has remained a conservation area.

Upon arriving in the city look for the central point of your city tour, Husovo náměstí. It shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the excellent tourist signposting. It is also the highest point in the city. You will find most of the tourist attractions and accommodation on this square and the surrounding areas and when exploring the winding streets surrounding the old Gothic houses you’ll come across interesting pubs and souvenir shops. There is an excellent tourist information centre on the square where they are glad to give you some good advice.


Tábor lies on the Prague – České Budějovice route and is an hour’s drive from Prague. By car it is possible to drive to the square in the historic centre, but this is not advisable due to the lack of parking and the narrow one-way streets. There are two car parks where you can park in the centre — PARKING CENTRUM (a multi-storey car park) where a lift takes you 200 metres from Žižkovo Square and PARKING at the Dvořák Hotel (former brewery), entry to both car parks is from the street Na Parkánech.



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