Landek Park


The largest mining museum in the Czech Republic offers discovery, relaxation and fun. Each exhibit maps out the development of coal mining in the Ostrava and Karvina region, as well as presenting the history of mine rescue. Part of the tour is also a system of underground galleries, where you descend in the original mining cages equipped with an audioisual simulator of a real descent into the pit. Don’t miss the ride in an original mine train.

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Léčebné Lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s.

 Marienbad Kur & Spa Hotels Tradition, style, Elegance A REAL SPA IN A SPA TOWN



Comfortable accommodation in spa hotels Nové Lázně*****, Centrální Lázně****, Maria Spa****, Hvězda****, Imperial ****, Pacifik****, Butterfly**** Vltava***, Labe***, Svoboda***

Traditional spa treatments including 24 procedures per week and a laboratory examination

A Relaxational Wellness & Beauty pr...
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Therapeutic springs and pavilions

prameny-mlTherapeutic springs and pavilions

Thanks to the chemical diversity of the local springs, Mariánské Lázně is suitable for the treatment of a large spectrum of diseases. The local mineral water is the basis of spa care due to this diversity. In the vicinity there are over 100 mineral springs, about 40 right in the city itself. The colonnades and arbours of each spring highlight the picturesque sp...
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Lego Museum

The Lego Museum is divided into several themed circuits, where you will find hundreds of original models from around the world. Several million pieces were used to build the models. The exhibition is constantly being extended and supplemented with interesting and rare pieces. The exhibition also has a laser and light show devoted to Star Wars, which will enthral big and small alike. After visiting the exhibition you can visit the children’s corner, where you can build your own model and even exhibit it. Whilst your little darlings are playing you can treat yourself to some refreshments.

Open: September-June only Sat, Sun/July-August ev...
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U Bílého jednorožce (White Unicorn) Pharmacy

klatovy lekarna

The history of the Klatovy pharmacy dates back to the mid-16th century, when Bernard Feuerbach set up his practice. He began running his pharmacy in the building on the square around 1639. After 1773, when the Jesuit order was abolished, the pharmacy was bought by Jan Michal Firbas. The pharmacy was in operation until 1966, when it went under the administration of the District Museum as a valuable historic monument. It is based on portraying ...
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loket ptaci

This town is a must see when visiting Sokolov and its surroundings. It is a gorgeous ancient city, whose dominant feature is Loket Castle, which stands on a rock in a bend of the River Ohře. In the town itself you can wander between the historic houses or walk around the remains of the town’s fortifications. In the grounds of the castle complex, which is open all year round, you can find the impressive Torture Right exhibition, where in each cell moving mannequins show the various ways to torture people. In addition, there is an exh...
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Lysá hora

LysaHoraLysou horu poznáte již z dálky. Jejímu vrcholu dominuje charakteristický TV vysílač. Za krásného počasí dohlédnete z vrcholu až do Tater či Polska a občerstvit se můžete v nově vybudovaných chatách - v Bezručově chatě a chatě Maratón. Kromě vysílače zde sídlí meteorologická stanice a Horská služba.

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