Karlovy Vary


The largest and best known Czech spa is famous far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. The city was founded in the 14th century by Charles IV. The spa enjoyed the patronage of many noble families and wealthy burghers in the 16th century. Due to several natural disasters only a few of the buildings from this period have been preserved. Most of the monuments come from the 18th and 19th century. The River Teplá flows through the city centre and is lined by promenades where there are luxury hotels, colonnades and many shops, mostly with global fashion brands, souvenirs for visitors, or restaurants and bars. Grocery stores or fast food shops can be found in the centre around T.G. Masaryk Avenue. In addition the spa city also puts on its own sports and cultural events. The most important cultural event is the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, when the city is inundated by thousands of film buffs in addition to the spa guests.


Karlovy Vary is 130 km from Prague and apartfrom driving there is also a good connection by bus. You can also go by train (there are two stations - Main and Lower) and it is even possible to fly here, a true novelty among Czech cities. Karlovy Vary has its own airport, where they fly charter flights from Russia and charter flights to seaside resorts. Otherwise you can drive round Karlovy Vary, but be aware of the need to buy a permit to enter the spa zone, otherwise you can use the scenic train or, for the more demanding, a horse-drawn carriage to explore. But don’t miss out on the funicular, from which you can see Karlovy Vary stretch out below you with the beautiful facades of its historic buildings lining the River Ohře. Another means could be by canoe, and sometimes they even have races here.



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