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U Bílého jednorožce (White Unicorn) Pharmacy

klatovy lekarna

The history of the Klatovy pharmacy dates back to the mid-16th century, when Bernard Feuerbach set up his practice. He began running his pharmacy in the building on the square around 1639. After 1773, when the Jesuit order was abolished, the pharmacy was bought by Jan Michal Firbas. The pharmacy was in operation until 1966, when it went under the administration of the District Museum as a valuable historic monument. It is based on portraying ...
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U Kolji


This restaurant, located on Mařákovo Street, gives you a taste of Ukrainian specialties such as borscht or blinchiki. These non-traditional dishes, served in a pleasant environment, are complemented by international meat dishes.

Meals range from CZK 110 - 220,

beer 0.5 l - CZK 25

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U Žlutého kola Restaurant

U Zluteho kola2

The say that the way to the heart is through the stomach, so we hope you will fall in love with our restaurant. Here you can look forward to a pleasant environment and an interesting selection of specialities and beverages. You will be welcomed by a calm pleasant atmosphere with friendly professional staff. We can also arrange festive feasts (birthdays, corporate dinners, weddings, etc.).

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Underground Passages

The roughly 650 metres that are open represents just a fraction of Tábor’s underground passages, which are some of the longest in the Czech Republic and date back to the 15th century. The corridors arose by digging and linking multi-storey cellars under the houses in the old town and served mainly for storing food and beer. During large fires they also provided good shelter. The entrance to the cellars and the ticket office is located at the Town Hall and Museum.

Open: year-round, Admission: CZK 50, extra for a guided tour in a foreign language, CZK 200 for a group

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