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The Gallery‘s exhibitions focus on contemporary art, with occasional excursions to more distant time periods. Many of the exhibitions are the result of broad international cooperation. The Gallery also has its own publishing activities (catalogues and publications), it organises lectures, seminars and numerous other accompanying programmes, including music and film shows. The Open Dialogue Club is intended for all fans of the creative arts. There is also a pleasant café and a shop selling publications, catalogues, art magazines and artefacts.


Alšovo nábřeží 12, 110 00 Prague 1

tel.: +420/227 059 309
fax: +420/222 319 293

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Birth place of Bedřich Smetana


In the ground-floor rooms of the former chateau brewery, where Bedřich Smetana was born in 1824, there is an exhibition of the composer’s childhood in Litomyšl. It endeavours to bring the atmosphere of the Smetana household, their family life and the associated events and how this reflected on Smetana’s work.

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geocache1Spoustu dobrodružství a zábavy, ale také trochu toho lámání si hlavy si pro příznivce geocachingu, ale nejen pro ně, připravilo českolipské městské informační centrum.  Ve spolupráci s českolipskou geodetickou firmou vytvořilo dva turistické okruhy – Za humny je poklad a Po stopách židovské kultury.

V rámci prvně jmenovaného okruhu projdou turisté zajímavé památky a místa České Lípy, jako např. vodní hrad a Vlastivědné muzeum a galerii. Druhá trasa byla zřízena u příležitosti výročí 70 let od pochodu smrti z koncentračního tábora Schwarzheide a od konce 2. světové války a vede místy, kde dosud stojí č...
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The ghostly underground and Skřítkov – a poetic exhibition for the youngest

Do you like being scared? If you do, you should come and get scared in the ghostly underground! In mysterious corridors you’ll bump into a whole host of scary creatures - for instance an alchemist and his workshop, the white lady, the executioner, a mummy and much more besides! Watch out, what was that on your leg? And whose bones are these on the ground? ...
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Glass Pavilion, Klatovy - PASK

klatovy pask

Visitors to the pavilion can explore one of the most comprehensive public collections of products from the defunct glassworks in Šumava. At the moment the quality and range of the exhibits is probably the largest exhibition of Lötz glass in the world. The Passau Museum may indeed have more exhibits, but this collection’s composition is such that it tries to cover all the decorations and shapes that Lötz used as well as all the major artists. At the...
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The House of Tapestries

Dum-Gobelinu JH

The House of Tapestries is located in the former chateau brewery building near Jindřichův Hradec Chateau. It builds on the more than hundred-year tradition of the famous Jindřichův Hradec tapestry workshops. The House of Tapestries offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history of weaving in Jindřichův Hradec and watch the making of new tapestries, as well as the restoration o...
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Grandhotel Pupp

Pup grandhotel

The Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary was built in 1701 and became one of the landmarks of the world famous spa city. The Hotel boasts 228 luxuriously furnished rooms. A fully equipped wellness centre, complete with a range of spa services, casino and restaurant is available for the hotel’s guests. In the extensive complex you can find, for example, the Grandrestaurant Pupp in the neo-classic style with fir...
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Důl Michal


The Důl Michal National Cultural Monument presents the working day of a miner.

In September this year the Science and Technology Centre opened in Ostrava. Its aim is to inform visitors about interesting discoveries in science and technology in a playful manner. In an area of 14,000 square meters it offers its visitors four worlds: the Children’s...
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