Fábula Fairyland

Fabula 2 JH

The FÁBULA fairyland is the ideal place for a family outing with the kids. The fun is guaranteed for all ages regardless of the weather. You will be transferred to a unique fairy tale world and live through an unexpected adventure and a fairy tale written by the fairyland and its inhabitants. You will set off with fairy-tale beings on a journey through a magical lost world and dark labyrinths, you’ll disc...
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Michal Outdoor Pool



The Michal outdoor pool has many attractions and is located near to Sokolov not far from the Karlovy Vary - Cheb motorway. Apart from a 500 m beach, visitors can look forward to great attractions for children and adults alike, including a giant water plume, sports, food, but above all clean water. The water quality ranks Michal among the cleanest natural reservoirs in the Czech Republic. You can enjoy the large water trampoline, pedadlos or a 190 m long water plume along with a 117 metre long triple slide.

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Old Town Bridge Tower

(Staroměstská mostecká věž)

The bridge tower on the Old Town side of Charles Bridge was built at the same time as the Gothic bridge by Charles IV in 1357 as not only a fortified tower but also a symbolic triumphal arch on the Bohemian kings’ coronation route. This is attested by the rich sculptural decorations on its eastern facade. Inside the tower is an exhibition of old musical instruments from the National Museum collections.

Charles Bridge

was built in 1357 to replace an earlier Romanesque bridge from the second half of...
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Frýdecký zámek

FrydeckyZamekDominanta města Frýdku-Místku, frýdecký zámek, dříve bránící město na hranici mezi Moravou a Slezskem, stojí nad řekou Ostravicí již od 14. století. Poznejte tradice, osobnosti, historii, umění a přírodu rázovitého kraje Beskyd. Navštivte frýdecký zámek, sídlo Muzea Beskyd Frýdek-Místek.

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