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Everyone has a slightly different idea of what constitutes fun. We can have fun at various theme parks, clubs, discos, in dancehalls, karaoke clubs, gambling rooms, night clubs and at an open air party... More or less every visitor here will be seeking a different programme; so we have prepared several tips and offers if you want to spend a really hot and busy night. As a general rule, just like anywhere else in the world, this type of entertainment is in the larger towns, where it’s busy even in the night and there are enough people interested in evening and night programmes. In smaller towns, the promenades and squares empty in the evenings and there is not a lot going on at night. Spa towns are an exception, where we can find beautiful casinos and night clubs. After all, spa visitors undergo various curative procedures during the day and in the evening they need to kick back after caring for their health all day. It generally seems that discos are on the wane and, in contrast, different types of night bars and clubs are in vogue, where it is possible to sit with friends, enjoy pleasant music, eat well and, if the mood takes you, you will even find a dance floor here. Most discos don’t have particularly good food as they are mainly focused on various drinks and the music plays so loud that any tales you may have for your friends are better left for another time, otherwise you will lose your vocal cords. The native hopes you have hot entertainment into the wee hours.

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