Due to its extraordinary history associated with education and art (since the 17th century the city was the cultural centre of the Haná region and the whole of Central Moravia) Kroměříž has been called the Athens of Haná. In 1998 the Archbishop’s Chateau, along with the Květná and Podzamecká Gardens, were entered on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage. It was Bishop Karel II from Liechtenstein who can take the credit for this when he raised the town from the rubble to one of captivating beauty in the 17th century In Kroměříž the Velké náměstí (Large Square) is one of the busiest places, where you will find countless cafes, pubs, hotels and restaurants and in the adjacent pedestrian zones you will be tempted to purchase efreshments or souvenirs . In the upper corner of the Velké náměstí, next to the town hall, you will find the information centre where you can get information about accommodation, cultural events as well as a map of the town for free. Your trip around the town is aided by excellent tourist signs, which are built into the paving, so you really can’t get lost here. You can’t help but enjoy this town.


Prague to Kroměříž by car takes 2.5 hrs (270 km) along the D1 motorway. The bus, for instance Student Agency, leaves 4 times daily, it takes 4 hours to get to Kroměříž. By car from Brno it is 45 min (65 km) and by bus (Student Agency) 45 min. You can even park on Velké náměstí for 20 CZK/hour, free parking is located on Hanácké náměstí.



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