turisticky-pruvodce-sokolovSokolov is first mentioned in 1279 as the property of the Nothaft family. Apart from 1938 – 1945, the town always belonged to Bohemia. According to the dialect and folklore, the town’s German residents fell under the linguistic area of Cheb - Egerland in German. Even though it was surrounded by ramparts and had its own administration, Sokolov was always a vassal town and the centre of the Sokol estate. From 1435 - 1621 the Sokol town and estate belonged to the powerful Šlik family, who built extensive colonies along the River Ohře and in the Ore Mountains. For their part in the Czech uprising, after the Battle of White Mountain, the Šlik estate was confiscated and was transferred to the Kostic family in 1622 who owned the town and estate until 1850 and the chateau until 1945.


Sokolov lies near the Cheb – Karlovy Vary motorway. Train connections from Prague are not good; we recommend that you either travel by car or by bus. The town has ample parking space, though there are parking fees around the large squares in the centre.



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