Kutna Hora


Kutná Hora, a town in the Central Bohemian region and an important urban reservation, is registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is a former royal city associated with silver mining and coin minting, the treasury of Czech Kings, and is dominated by two cathedrals. In the Middle Ages, at the end of 13th century, the district provided roughly one third of Europe’s silver. Nowadays the city is regularly visited for its historical beauty and its abundance of important monuments.


Kutná Hora lies an hour’s drive from Prague, or 45 minutes from Pardubice. From Prague there are direct rail and bus connections and the train leaves every hour. Your information system will be of great help when traveling by car, guiding you to the sights and the adjacent car parks. The city centre is a network of narrow one-way streets and it is not easy to navigate.



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