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Who doesn’t like shopping from time to time? Personally I like bringing interesting ceramics, unique cosmetics, nice clothes or maybe something good to eat from abroad. I also go for interesting silver jewellery and local fashion.

In Prague, but also in the other towns and cities, you can find interesting boutiques with clothes and accessories from designers that you can’t buy anywhere else. These designers hold interesting fashion shows in the spring and autumn. And it is this originality that we’re all looking for. In the smaller shops you can find interesting ceramics, as well as really high quality glass. If you are interested in jewellery, then it’s better to find out in advance which prestigious companies are represented here in the CR. Even on the main drag it may well be that you get charmed by the price and buy poor-quality jewellery of Italian, Turkish or other origin. After a while it breaks and can’t be repaired. We recommend that you visit the jeweller’s Granát who make jewellery exclusively with Czech garnets. Also the jeweller’s Halada has original jewellery, both individual items and in sets, which will definitely enchant your better half.

If you want to bring back something for younger children or grandchildren, we produce beautiful wooden toys, dolls and puppets. But don’t buy them in the pedestrian zone, they can be twice as expensive than in the shops near the centre.

And one more bit of information: Russian dolls or military hats are not a typical souvenir for Prague or the rest of the Czech Republic. We don’t know why, but they import them from Russia and present them as a Czech souvenir. Obviously there is a surplus of them in Russia.

Apart from smaller boutiques or luxury shops, we can also offer large shopping centres, which are good because they have lots of shops under one roof and if you have something in particular in mind, you’ll definitely find it here. The shopping centres also often have various bargain offers, seasonal sales and campaigns where you can buy goods with up to a 70 % discount. The winter sales are also a good time to shop and they often start on New Year, you can expect spring sales in March and from August various shopping centres start their summer sales.

For more information see our website, where we keep you up to date with the bargains on offer in the section Events.  


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