Tapas restaurant - Medité

Tapas restaurant - Medité

restaurace medite

If you have a taste for Spanish tapas and a get-together with friends until the wee hours over great wine, then this restaurant is the right place for you. An excellent restaurant that gets high praise year after year. Besides the Spanish specialities you can choose fresh seafood, fish or meat prepared according to various Spanish recipes. The helpfu...
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Technické muzeum Tatra Kopřivnice

TatraKoprivniceExpozice 60 osobních a nákladních vozů ze všech etap výroby dnešní automobilky Tatra doplněná podvozky, motory, modely, designovými návrhy, sportovními trofejemi a různými raritami této značky. Součástí objektu je expozice Emila a Dany Zátopkových, nedaleko pak Lašské muzeum v Šustalově vile a muzeum Fojtství.

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National Technical Museum

The National Technical Museum- in 14 unique exhibitions

The National Technical Museum’s first permanent exhibitions were opened in the building at Letná in 1949. Naturally, over the course of time they have diversified and improved. The building, however, became obsolete and no longer served the original purpose for which it was designed and built. Therefore it underwent extensive reconstruction from 2003 to 2012. On 16 February 2011 the National Technical Museum once again opened to the public after an almost five-year hiatus. To mark the occasion it put on 5 new exhibitions including an upgrading of the Transport exhibition. In the following year it opened the Household Appliances exhibition. In June 2012 the museum expanded its offer with the exhibitions Chem...
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The Barracuda Caribbean Cocktail Bar


The Barracuda bar is one of the favourite establishments in Karlovy Vary. This is testified to by the fully occupied tables and packed dance floor. Every Friday and Saturday you can dance to the hits of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The great atmosphere is naturally complemented by excellent drinks and friendly staff. Not only can you taste classic drinks and ori...
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tagy: Klatovy
The Black Tower in Klatovy

klatovy vez2

This five-story tower is 81.6 metres tall and was built between 1547 - 1555 by Master Anthony de Salla to signal danger - chiefly fires and enemy troops. The many fires it has witnessed gave the tower its dark black colouring, hence the name the Black Tower. In 1855 the tower was fitted with a clock, which was made by a local mechanic, Jan Bošek. The big hand measures 2 metres, the hands and numerals are gilded. There are 226 steps leading to the observ...
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tagy: Klatovy
The Catacombs


klatovy katakomby

A unique Klatovy monument with its origins in the XVII century, when the Jesuits came to the town. The crypt under the Church of St. Ignatius served as the burial site of their leading members. The first funerals were in 1676. In all there were 200 people buried in Klatovy, that being up to 1784, when Emperor Josef II banned these practices. Today, only 38 of the bodies remain as in 1937 imprudent rep...
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The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist


The rare and unique UNESCO monument - the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist in Sedlec near Kutná Hora - is a convent of the former Cistercian Abbey, the oldest in Bohemia (founded in 1142). Together with the world-famous Sedlec Ossuary, this cathedral forms an integral part of the oldest part of Kutná Hora.

Open: all year

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The Černý Orel Restaurant and Brewery


It will enamour all lovers of good beer and food. Every month they brew four new kinds of beer. You can enjoy local specialities that are often made from beer and malt. The interior is made all the more pleasant by the presence of the brewing vats. Moreover the staff are very pleasant and friendly. This restauran...
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The Chateau Grounds - UNESCO Site


Litomyšl Chateau, a national cultural monument as well as a UNESCO monument, is the town’s dominant feature and one of the most important Renaissance monuments in the country. The history of the mount’s settlement and later the chateau has been inherently linked with that of the town throughout its existence. The chateau was built during the era of Vratislav of Pernštejn in the years 1568 - 1581. Today the chateau is...
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The Chocolate Museum


In the premises of threeIMG 5131 historic houses the Museum of Chocolate and Marzipan in Tábor showcases the history of chocolate, its cultivation, the importation of cocoa beans to Europe and the subsequent processing into sweets, bars, pralines and figures. The exhibition also shows the history of packaging and advertising posters, on display are porcelain and pewter kits from which chocolate was drunk in the 19th century, an aristocratic saloon or a model of cocoa bei...
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The Church of the Virgin Mary

kostelThe Church of the Virgin Mary on the main road – this Baroque church with a massive onion dome was built from 1727-1732 on the site of an older chapel from 1694. It was commissioned by the owner of the local estate Count Wolf Jindřich Notha...
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The colonnade and the Singing Fountain


13 Marianske-Lazne fontana

Colonnades were always the centre of spa life. The biggest landmark in Mariánské Lázně is the main colonnade with a unique cast iron structure. In the immediate vicinity of the main colonnade are the Cross Colonnade and Caroline’s Spring, where several springs rise to the surface. Another beautiful building is Ferdinand’s Spring Colonnade, which is the dominant feature ...
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The Colonnades

DSC 4470-Edit-2

Mill Colonnade - a neo-Renaissance stone colonnade with twelve allegorical sandstone statues representing each month of the year. In all five mineral springs rise up in the interior of Karlovy Vary’s biggest colonnade.

Orchard Colonnade - A decorated, fixed, ca...
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The Corpus Christi Chapel

Kaple boziho tela KH

This inconspicuous building in the immediate vicinity of St. Barbara’s recalls the period just before work started on the Cathedral. At the time the Brotherhood of Corpus Christi founded a cemetery chapel with an ossuary inspired by the famous ossuary in Sedlec. This gave rise to a beautiful indoor space in the high Gothic style.


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The Czech Museum of Silver


At the museum you can see exhibitions on the city’s history and learn something about local life, or inspect samples of all the ores that were mined here. In the hall called the treasury you can see the Czech coins minted in Kutná Hora. Of course, the biggest attraction is the Second Tour - The Way of Silver, which acquaints you with the entire process the silver ore had to go through until it was minted into a coin. Part of the tour is a replica of the mining works with...
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