St. Barbara’s Church


The church has always been a symbol of the city and remains Kutná Hora’s most famous building. With its ring of chapels around the main altar, Saint Barbara’s Church is considered to be the most original late Gothic cathedral in Europe. The building...
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The Corpus Christi Chapel

Kaple boziho tela KH

This inconspicuous building in the immediate vicinity of St. Barbara’s recalls the period just before work started on the Cathedral. At the time the Brotherhood of Corpus Christi founded a cemetery chapel with an ossuary inspired by the famous ossuary in Sedlec. This gave rise to a beautiful indoor space in the high Gothic style.


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The Jesuit College

jezuitska kolej KH

One of the most important early Baroque monuments in Bohemia took almost eighty years to build, from 1667 to the middle of the 18th century. An integral part of the college’s grounds is a path with a gallery of baroque sculpture. This monument can be found neighbouring the cathedral and the way to the city centre. Currently it houses the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region – GASK. The GASK primarily focuses on the visual arts from t...
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The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist


The rare and unique UNESCO monument - the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist in Sedlec near Kutná Hora - is a convent of the former Cistercian Abbey, the oldest in Bohemia (founded in 1142). Together with the world-famous Sedlec Ossuary, this cathedral forms an integral part of the oldest part of Kutná Hora.

Open: all year

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The ossuary in Sedlec

Kutna Hora kostnice

A unique ossuary can be found below the Church of all Saints at the Kutná Hora cemetery in Sedlec, it is decorated almost entirely with human bones. It is made of the remains of the deceased from the plague epidemics. There are forty thousand and they are stacked into pyramids whilst others are used for unusual decorations, such as chandeliers, columns, and so on.

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The Czech Museum of Silver


At the museum you can see exhibitions on the city’s history and learn something about local life, or inspect samples of all the ores that were mined here. In the hall called the treasury you can see the Czech coins minted in Kutná Hora. Of course, the biggest attraction is the Second Tour - The Way of Silver, which acquaints you with the entire process the silver ore had to go through until it was minted into a coin. Part of the tour is a replica of the mining works with...
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Hotel Vila U Varhanáře

Vila U-varhanare

Hotel Vila U Varhanáře je situován v barokním domě vedle Jezuitské koleje a Hrádku v Kutné Hoře. Objektu domin...
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Apartmá Dostálovi

apartma Dostalovi 2

Due to its convenient location in the centre of Kutná Hora and its comfortable facilities Apartmá Dostálovi is a good place for tourists and families with children who want to have all the city’s major landmarks right at their fingertips. The apartment is located in the attic of a family house and has lovely views of the greenery and some of the sights. There is free parking at the hotel. Free WIFI throughout the building

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Restaurant and Hotel U Hrnčíře

Rest U Hrncire

The U Hrnčíře Restaurant is a smaller establishment in a beautifully kept, old building. Due to its position it is easy to walk to all of Kutná Hora’s tourist attractions, with Saint Barbara’s Church and the Museum of Silver a mere stone’s throw away. In the summer months you can take advantage of the terrace overlooking St. James’ Church.

The hotel’s restaurant has a menu packed with delicacies and a wonderful...
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U Žlutého kola Restaurant

U Zluteho kola2

The say that the way to the heart is through the stomach, so we hope you will fall in love with our restaurant. Here you can look forward to a pleasant environment and an interesting selection of specialities and beverages. You will be welcomed by a calm pleasant atmosphere with friendly professional staff. We can also arrange festive feasts (birthdays, corporate dinners, weddings, etc.).

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Museum of Alchemy

Muzeum alchymie

In the centre of Kutná Hora in the Sankturinovský Dům on Palackého Square you will find the Museum of Alchemy. The museum is conceived of as an alchemist’s workshop or laboratory, where wax alchemists seek out the philosopher’s stone and the elixir of eternal youth. In other rooms you will find a kaleidoscopic cinema or the Golem.

Open daily: April – Sept. 9 - 18 hours/Oct - March Mon - Fri 9 - 17 hours, Sat...
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