St. Barbara’s Church


The church has always been a symbol of the city and remains Kutná Hora’s most famous building. With its ring of chapels around the main altar, Saint Barbara’s Church is considered to be the most original late Gothic cathedral in Europe. The building has become an expression of the city’s former wealth and power. The church was founded around 1388. It is 70 m long, 40 m wide and 30 m high inside. The church’s conspicuous resemblance to Prague St. Vitus’ Cathedral is no coincidence, the city wanted to be on a par with Prague and many Prague builders took part in building the cathedral in Kutná
Hora. We recommend that you buy a ticket for the cathedral’s gallery, where you can get an unusual bird’s eye view of the church’s main nave and altar as well as being able to see the exhibition of the church’s construction.



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