Květná zahrada

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The Květná (Flower) Garden was built 1665-1675. It is partly reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance garden, on the other hand it has elements of a French Classicist Baroque garden (Versailles). The Flower Garden is a 15-minute walk from the Velké náměstí, and is easy to get to along a signed path. After arriving in the garden you will find yourself in a small courtyard, which is bordered on two sides by historical greenhouses - Palm and Cold - in the high season they transform into meeting places for cultural and social events. A labyrinth of green walls opens before you with a breath-taking view of the 244 metre-long colonnade and rotunda. It is known for its unique decoration, and being the site of a Foucault’s pendulum, which demonstrates the Earth’s rotation around its axis. Guided tours take place here regularly. Don’t forget to ascend the winding stairs to the colonnade’s roof, from here you will see the true beauty of the gardens, which recently went through an extensive overhaul. There is a car park next to the gardens; entry is from the street Gen. Svobody.

Admission CZK 70, open, depending on the season, from 8:00 to 18:00-19:00 , no dogs allowed.



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