Dolní Vítkovice

Dolni Vitkovice

Ostrava is known as steel city and the steel mills are actually the biggest attractions here and they are definitely worth seeing. The locals also call Dolní Vítkovice the Ostrava Castle. Dolní Vítkovice is a former industrial area comprising of the “Hlubina” mine, coking plants and the blast furnaces at the Vítkovice ironworks. The grounds are a unique industrial monument and an unmistakable symbol of Ostrava and the entire Moravia-Silesia region. T...
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Důl Michal


The Důl Michal National Cultural Monument presents the working day of a miner.

In September this year the Science and Technology Centre opened in Ostrava. Its aim is to inform visitors about interesting discoveries in science and technology in a playful manner. In an area of 14,000 square meters it offers its visitors four worlds: the Children’s...
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Landek Park


The largest mining museum in the Czech Republic offers discovery, relaxation and fun. Each exhibit maps out the development of coal mining in the Ostrava and Karvina region, as well as presenting the history of mine rescue. Part of the tour is also a system of underground galleries, where you descend in the original mining cages equipped with an audioisual simulator of a real descent into the pit. Don’t miss the ride in an original mine train.

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Radegast Brewery


We invite you to the Nošovice brewery, which bears the name of the old Slavic god Radegast. On the tour you’ll get to know the history of the brewery and the brewing process for the distinctly bitter Radegast. Visit the production sites. See how the brewery produces malt from selected barley from the Haná region. In the brewing house, the heart of the brewery, you will see the brewery trout making sure the water is of excellent quality. In a speci...
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