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Lovers of adrenaline and rapid descents on mountain bikes will find the perfect place at the Špičák resort close to Železná Ruda. Currently the bikepark at Špičák is the fastest growing bikepark in the Czech Republic. Špičák offers a wide selection and it is possible to combine freeride, downhill, north shore and jumps. bikepark2The bikepark is primarily focused on freeride and downhill, but there’s also a jumping section, single track and a skill centre where beginners can practice, which is located at the entrance to the cable car station. The tracks run through forests and down ski slopes. All of them have wooden obstacles and other amusements. In the summer Ski&bike Špičák also offers high-quality facilities for hikers and bikers. To get to the top of Špičák (1202 m) you can take the modern four-chair lift.


Špičák 182
34004 Železná Ruda

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Telefon: +420 376 397 167


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