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Lednice has a rich and eventful history. This fact was appreciated in 1996 by it being inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Part of Lednice lies in the valley of the River Dyje, the other part in the valley of the Včelínka brook. Pastvisko, a national natural monument near Lednice, protects notable nesting sites for waterfowl, as does the natural monument of Květné jezero (Flower Lake). In the middle ages the Včelínka floodplain was turned into a system of ponds, which have become an important waterfowl nesting site and stopover. The floodplain forests, grasslands and water surfaces form an important site for a number of protected species of flora and fauna. At the start of the 19th century the chateau’s surroundings were converted into a landscape garden, which is an example of the optimal use of the landscape’s natural potential in orchard production. The park contains both domestic species and a rich collection of exotic trees and shrubs. The banks of the Lednice ponds have also been landscaped, as has the equally important Bezručova Alley connecting Lednice with Valtice. This territory’s immense value is reflected by the Lednice-Valtice area being inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites (an area of nearly 300 km2). The chateau‘s contemporary form comes from a neo Gothic make over in the Tudor style from 1846-1858 the author of which was Jiří Wingelmüller. Part of the Baroque masonry did remain, but the new facade was complemented by a number of extensions and new elements. The interiors also gained a romantic neo-Gothic appearance with excellent examples of richly carved decorations. Of particular note are the spiral staircase in the library and the coffered ceiling from lime wood in the Blue Hall. The grounds have other buildings where Baroque architecture meets with small outbuildings in the romantic style (the greenhouse, the Hunting Lodge, the Minaret, Apollo’s Temple, the Pond Chateau, the New Court, the Border Chateau, the Temple of the Three Graces, Jan’s Castle, the Rendes-vous and the Obelisk). With its historical buildings, landscaping, ponds and the network of cycling routes, the Lednice - Valtice grounds, one of the treasures of world cultural and natural heritage, is considered to be the largest artificially created territory in Europe.


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Set in the middle of beautiful countryside among fairytale castles you will find Lednice Spa, the youngest health spa in the Czech Republic. It is the only spa in the Czech Republic located in the very heart of the Lednice-Valtice area, inscribed on the list of world cultural heritage sites.


Traditional spa care is based on the healing power of natural resources, at Lednice Spa this is iodobromine water. Thanks to long-term research it has been shown that treatment with brine can be supplemented with other procedures to achieve the best therapeutic result.


Tertiary sea water the iodobromine natural healing spring at Lednice Spa

Once the Alpine folding ceased the lower stretches of the River Dyje sank several times and were flooded. What is now Moravia then rose trapping this primeval sea deep beneath our feet. Thanks to the modern spa, this ancient sea water received new life and has come to the surface to be used for healing the locomotor system, neurological and gynaecological illnesses and the vascular system. The Perla bathhouse uses this unique iodobromine mineral water, which is something akin to brine with an iodine content exceeding 30 mg/l, one of the highest and best in Europe. Its chemical composition is reminiscent of highly mineralized water sea. This iodobromine water is piped to the spa from a borehole in the nearby village of Charvátská Nová Ves, and is applied according to the instructions of the attending physician. During the bath, lasting 20 minutes, the iodine evaporates into the air giving rise to an iodinerich microclimate which has a higher iodine content than any coastal area. The iodine is absorbed through inhalation, the skin and the mucous membranes. The overall effect is what is important from the therapeutic viewpoint. Iodine water is the most effective balneological means for the treatment of the locomotor system, neurological and gynaecological diseases as well as thevascular system. An iodobromine bath has excellent healing, anti-inflammatory, preventive, restorative and even rejuvenating effects.

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Therapeutic and relaxation stays


Head to Lednice Spa for a bit of R&R by the “sea”

Immerse yourself into the restorative bath and let the healing power of the iodobromine water work its magic! At the Perla spa house you have the sea on your doorstep. The Perla spa house is a modern rehabilitative facility located right next to the castle gardens, which are accessible by walking along the new, modern spa colonnade. Hotel Perla offers a wide range of restorative and relaxation stays lasting 3 days or more. It is entirely up to you whether you choose a short-term intensive stay or a week-long treatment package. You will receive highly professional care, whether you come just to relax, improve your physical fitness or rejuvenate tired muscles and joints. Lednice Spa offers a perfect harmony of relaxation and treatment in beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of the most extensive offer of spa treatments and therapeutic and relaxation stays. Comfort and luxury in a family environment and, moreover, all under one roof; it‘s all waiting for you at the Perla spa house. Come to us to forget your cares and worries, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the peace and quiet of Lednice Spa. Discover a wonderful way to relax your body and soul at Lednice Spa.




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