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A peaceful town, with almost 3,500 inhabitants, is located 8 km northwest from Pardubice. It was originally an insignificant settlement but it gained a big development at the turn of 16th century, when the owner of the Pardubice Estate – Vilém of Pernštejn – built an extensive network of ponds in the surroundings. The Pernštejn Ponds, originally amounted to 300 ponds, were artificially supplied from the River Labe via The Opatovice Canal, the biggest water work in Bohemia at the time. More than 32 km long canal is still being used and is a major structural-technical and natural monument.

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The tradition of fish farming has remained in Bohdaneč, the regular autumn fishing-outs attract

fish lovers from far and wide. The ponds are also the nesting site of many rare species of water birds. The Bohdaneč and Matka ponds have been declared a national nature reserve and a bird area for the protection of the spotted crake. The town also flourished at the turn of the 20th century after the establishment of the peat spa by the Bohdaneč native Jan Veselý.

The health resort, focused on the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, and the surrounding countryside, predetermined the town’s recreational character, The water and the ponds’ reed beds, along with the extensive meadows and riparian forests, gave the surrounding landscape its characteristic form.


The flat landscape invites visitors for beautiful walks, cycling trips along marked routes or horse riding. Picturesque recesses of the Opatovice Canal are ideal for boating. The town itself allows you to admire both classic and modern architecture. Especially, the unique work of Josef Gočár. Gočár’s Spa Pavilion, which was ceremoniously opened in 1913, is one of the few Cubist buildings which have found its place in the textbooks of architecture. The architect’s name is also remembered in Gočár’s Circuit an educational walk taking visitors to the town’s important spots. Other architectural landmarks, the originally Renaissance town hall building and the Baroque St. Mary Magdalene Church, can be found on Masaryk Square. The surrounding countryside and the spa park, as well as the town centre with its fountains, all go to create a relaxing spa atmosphere – a place of rest and salutary tranquillity.



Calendar of traditional events:

• Cyklopaťák – April

• Concerts in the St. Mary Magdalene Church

– April, June, November

• Dawn Chorus Day – May

• Opening of the Spa season - May

• Local Music Festival – May, June

• Children’s Day - June

• Magdalene Pilgrimage - July

• Farewell to Summer - September

• The Bohdaneč Pond fishing out - October

• Welcoming St. Martin - November

• Lighting up the Christmas tree - December




Kontakt: Městsko-lázeňské informační centrum Lázně Bohdaneč, o.p.s.

Pernštýnská 117, 533 41 Lázně Bohdaneč, tel.: 466 924 221, 774 444 234

www.ic.bohdanec.cz, www.lazne.bohdanec.cz, www.bohdanecsko.cz


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The therapeutic Bohdaneč Spa lies in the beautiful surroundings of the Elbe lowlands. The spa houses, surrounded by an abundance of greenery, covered colonnades, a genial environment and clean air, contribute to the unforgettable experience every spa visitor takes away with them.


The Bohdaneč Spa is rich in natural healing sources, extensive peat deposits from the nearby bogs and natural mineral water. The 347.5 m artesian well was drilled between 1913-1914 and named The Panenka (Doll). In the 1970’s permission was given to drill a new well, called The New Doll, it reaches a depth of 388 metres. The alkaline mineral water is very pure, apart from an increased mineral content, this natural healing resource stands out with its high fluoride content. The therapeutic Bohdaneč Spa is used for treating the musculoskeletal system with a focus on inflammatory rheumatic disease, arthritis and Bechterew’s disease. It provides treatment for long-term problems, pre- and post-operation conditions and post-traumatic rehabilitation. It is a popular place not only for treatment, but also for prevention, relaxation and rest. With this in mind it also has specially made packages and a wide range of services on offer. The spa’s long tradition, its excellent specialists, the surrounding countryside and the wide offer of culture and entertainment will certainly contribute to improving your health as well as allowing you some rest and relaxation. The beautiful environment is likewise a great place to spend your vacation or even a weekend stay, where you can recharge your batteries and forget the daily worries of everyday life. The spa complex is located in a large park with a beautifully kept garden. Accommodation is offered in several pavilions of varying categories.


Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč a. s.

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4 nights - price from CZK 4,910


Board: half-board with the option to purchase additional full board

The stay begins with dinner and ends with breakfast (the room is ready after 2 pm on

the day of arrival, the room must be vacated by 11 am on the day of departure)

10% discount if you start your stay on Sunday or Monday.


The treatment programme includes 6 procedures

• 1 x hot lava stone massage or 1 x partial aroma massage

• 2 x aromatic baths with herbal salt + dry wrap or 2 x pearl or whirlpool bath with herbal additives + dry wrap

• 1 x honey-milk wrap or 1 x aroma body wrap with seaweed

• 1 x Finnish and steam sauna, or 1 x whirlpool

• 1 x partial classical massage

• Throughout the stay the price includes free entry to the swimming pool in the hours reserved for the public, depending on the available capacity. The option of purchasing additional treatments as you choose.

The price of the stay includes VAT and comprises of 4 x accommodation, 4 x halfboard and the treatment programme. The price does not include the spa fee of 15 CZK/person per night.

• 1 x free entry to the Finnish and steam sauna and whirlpool during the client’s stay, depending on the Wellness Centre’s free capacity and the bathrobes available.



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